Suppliers of bronze sheet, plate, sections and inlay strip.


Below are some of the services that we offer :


Bronze strip/Bronze inlay


Following demand from our wide variety of customers, we now stock bronze strip. We stock thicknesses from 3-6mm and a variety of widths and lengths up to 1980mm long. Please see the table below for the currently stocked range. Other sizes are available upon request with a short lead time.




5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm
3mm   X X X X X
5mm X   X X X X
6mm   X X X X X

Bronze bolts


We stock the following bolts from PB102 phosphor bronze material :


M6 x 40mm long

M8 x 40mm long

M10 x 50mm long

M12 x 50mm long


All fully threaded with nuts and washers as a set.


bronze bolts


Please enquire if you have any further requirements


Plate & Sheet

Standard sheet sizes     0.15mm up to 3mm thick    2m x 0.3m, 2m x 1m & 3m x 1m

Standard plate sizes       4mm up to 25mm thick      2m x 0.3m, 2m x 0.6m & 2m x 1m

Up to 3000mm long x 1090mm wide, 5, 6, 8 & 10mm thick.

Please enquire for other sizes and thicknesses.

Click here for current stock lists



Round bars 3000mm long 2mm up to 160mm diameter

Hexagon bars 3000mm long 14mm A/F up to 55mm A/F

Square bar 3000mm long 8mm up to 60mm square

Flat bar 3000mm long 20 x 3mm up to 90 x 30mm         

Tube 3000mm long 25mm OD up to 75mm OD

Cast hollow bar 3000mm long 26mm OD/14mm ID up to 355mm OD/297mm ID

Cutting service

We stock various sizes and thicknesses of material.  We offer a cutting service including sawing, shearing and billeting, to suit your specific requirements.



We can supply fabrications in bronze, copper and brass (not castings).  We can fold and roll into cylinders and cones, including drilling and tapping of holes.  Welding is carried out using the TIG welding process.  We also offer a hand polishing and finishing service from satin (brushed) through to a full mirror finish.


Material finish


Bronze is supplied in "mill finish". This means that the colour is similar to copper, ie "new penny" pink. If you require the bronze to look "old penny brown" or "antique bronze", then the bronze will need to be Patinated. Patination is a chemical process that changes the surface colour of the bronze. There are a number of different finishes and colours that can be achieved by patination. Patination is usually carried out by art founders and art foundries. Click this link to find out more about colours and finishes.


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